This page is devoted to minor problems and exampls from computational mathematics as well as linear and nonlinear control theory.


Maxima is a computer algebra systems released under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL), and wxMaxima is a graphical front-end for Maxima based on the wxWidgets cross-platform GUI library. I mainly use this program to solve nonlinear control-theoretic problems using concepts from differential geometry.


Scilab is open source software for numerical computation distributed under CeCILL license. I use Scilab for the simulation of dynamical systems (in particular, for the simulation of nonlinear observers). Additionally, the Metanet toolbox provides graph-theoretic algorithms which can be used for the analysis of sparse systems.


The package ADOL-C (Automatic Differentiation by OverLoading in C++) uses the operator overloading concept to compute first an higher order derivatives of C/C++ functions. ADOL-C facilitates both forward and reverse mode of automatic differentiation.


Qucs is an universal circuit simulator with a graphical user interface (GUI). It is currently developed under the GNU/Linux OS. Qucs is able to simulate the large-signal as well as small-signal and noise behaviour of circuits.